Field Service

Field Services

On-site installation – Our team is available to provide on-site installation, start up, and commissioning services for a wide range of automation equipment that is provided to us or built by us at your facility.

Troubleshooting – With over 30 years of combined experience our team truly excels at diagnosing hardware/software electrical failures. With experience in a wide range of industries from energy production, oil and gas, transportation and infrastructure, steel and manufacturing, etc.

Fabrication – With our on-staff mechanical engineering and assembly team we create custom machines from the frame up to suit your needs.

Plant Support- With a wide-range of technical ability in house Wierco is ideally suited to support plant maintenance and engineering.

Alignments – With the latest state of the art laser alignment system we can align your rotating equipment to well within industry standard and generate you a detailed report.

Let’s Stay In Touch

Wierco is ready to be an asset to your next project. If there are any questions you may have regarding how we can be of assistance, one of our team members is available to answer your inquiry. Get started by filling out the form with your contact information or giving us a call at (269) 242-7808.

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