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Electrical work, mechanical and electronic engineering is a combination of what makes up automation engineering. The Wierco engineering experts have comprehensive knowledge in developing, designing and creating systems to be used for automated purposes.  


Our team of skilled and experienced designers work first with the customer to make sure we meet their requirements but also to make a design that is efficient and safe. Our mechanical design team consisting of in house and contract based designers includes Mechanical Engineers, Tool and Die Makers and Machine Builders. Our in house Electrical design team consists of Electricians, Electrical Engineers and senior level Controls Programmers and Developers.

 All machine design is done with Solidworks while electrical design is completed in the tried and tested Autocad Electrical.


With Wierco’s assistance you can expect to receive a full detailed report with an outline to your enhancement needs that includes possible cost savings, safety concerns, increase to your productivity and times as well as a simple and elegant solution involving the latest technology at our disposal.


At Wierco LLC, we provide expertise for machine control systems. In engineering, machine control is utilized to correctly position machinery based on 3D design models and GPS systems. 


At Wierco we take machine safety seriously, our typical safety installation meets Category III. With our long history of machine control and our in-house and field services we are a perfect fit for your safety project. From a stand alone safety upgrade or complete machine rebuild you can be sure that the machine can be operated safely for years to come. 

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Wierco is ready to be an asset to your next project. If there are any questions you may have regarding how we can be of assistance, one of our team members is available to answer your inquiry. Get started by filling out the form with your contact information or giving us a call at (269) 242-7808.

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